Tuesday, 20 July 2010

External Light Mapping Problems

When using the free edition of Unity 3D there are no dynamic shadows available and so you can create light maps in external 3D software such as Maya or 3DS Max.

Unity External Lightmapping Tool from ranza on Vimeo.


When following the vi
deo guide I get the following error when setting up the export list, to be lightmapped in 3ds max. This error persists even when I return to 3ds max and check that the Unwrap UVW has normals checked.....

Hopefully I will sort this out and post the solution shortly.

Test One:
Simple Primatives with no materials applied. When importing into unity and the setting export list for external light mapping the box is OK and will export but the sphere will not.

Test Two:
A slightly more complicated model again with no materials applied.

Introduction and Synopsis

This blog has been set up for National Diploma students on the BTEC Interactive Media course at Stafford College, in order to aid them with their Games Design option. I will strat to learn how to use the Unity 3D Game Engine and post any problems and solutions that i find during the construction of a simple game.